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An athlete takes his mark anticipating the explosive transfer of energy.



TEEM: Transfer of Energy Evokes Motion
The founder of the F.O.B Fresh Off The Boat movement, Mark Simmons

TEEM: to be animated, abound or swarm; to be prolific or fertile

TEEM: Transfer of Energy Evokes Motion


TEEM SPORTS was born in the Caribbean, origin of the best athletes in the world: stylish, colorful, confident, talented and powerful. They play for the love of the sport and the thrill of competition. They want to win yet equally as important is the desire to to entertain and awe. 

TEEM SPORTS  celebrates the outstanding achievements of Caribbean athletes and exhorts them to higher heights in all spheres. To this end, 10% of profits generated from the sale of our products will be committed to the development of youth sports in the Caribbean.

TEEM Sports is motivated by the Caribbean's past and present athletes. We start humbly, with just one product, one design, and an unshakeable belief in our ability. We have a singular focus: to become a global brand with a Caribbean charisma, synonymous with high quality, creativity, innovation and excellence, inspiring the youth to live their dreams, and along the way to becoming the best that we can be , we become the best in the world.


I was born into a family where athletic endeavor was equally as important as academic achievement. My father, who was a national footballer at the age of 18, became the first Secretary General of the Barbados Olympic Association when it was founded in 1962; Louis Lynch, a great Barbadian educator,  was the first President. He passed in 1968 soon after I was born leaving my father to become the second President of the BOA. He was and is to this day, at the age of 81, a very knowledgable and dedicated athlete and sports fanatic who follows the developments of the major sports and their personalities closely. My uncles are the same way, avid sportsmen and disciplinarians about whom stories of  teenaged sporting achievement, dubious and noteworthy, abound.

On our journey to being adults, my cousins, my brother and I were fed a steady diet of live and televised sporting events that would motivate us to getting involved in as many sports as possible. The 70's were a glorious time to grow up in terms of sporting icons. It was the era of Rivelino, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Danielle Morlon, Bjorn Borg, Arthur Ashe, Kip Keinyo, Franz Beckenbauer, Mark Spitz, Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards,  Bruce Lee, Lasse Viren, and Teofilo Stevenson to name just a few. Through my Dad we were exposed to all of the world's greatest athletes. Still we looked to the athletes of the Caribbean with more love and admiration than any other. We were the underdogs, we were originally invited to the venue as a gentlemanly gesture, we were not thought to have the fortitude, ability nor the discipline to compete much less win. We had other ideas as an unshakeable belief in ourselves manifested with the triumphs of men such as Arthur Wint, Herb Mckenley, George Rhoden, Frank Worrell, George headley, Garfield Sobers, and Lennox Kilgour among others.

We salute you and acknowledge that we rise on your wings.


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